Health Care Programs – January 2014

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Catlett, VA  20119

Dear Valued Client:

As your primary veterinary health care provider, we are continually looking for ways to increase the quality of care we are able to provide to you with new products, new services and new delivery methods.  As such, several clients have requested a “bundled” package of routine health care offerings.  Many other high quality equine practices across the country have found this manner of packaging veterinary health care to be greatly beneficial to their clients in terms of budgeting and planning for the year.  After much review and preparation, we are very proud to offer to a select few clients four levels of equine Health Care Plans for 2013.

This year, as in years before, news of price increases from our vaccine suppliers has arrived.  In an effort to keep your annual veterinary expenditures in a reasonable range, we are offering Health Care Plans with varying discount levels.  Please note that all of the Health Care Plans are offered on a pre-paid schedule only.  Knowing our select clients’ needs in advance, as a result of enrollment, allows us to bulk purchase our vaccine supplies in the most cost efficient manner possible.  We are, therefore, able to pass this cost savings on to you as a Health Care Plan participant.

Enclosed please find a sheet outlining several choices for Health Care Plans based on the different levels of exposure and risk of disease.  The Plans vary from “High” risk to “Lower” risk, and include an offering for our “Geriatric” patients.  Please take a moment to review these plans and see which may best suit your needs and situation.

Each Health Care Plan provides for twice yearly vaccination for the core diseases in our area.  The specific plans address the needs of the highly mobile, equine athlete as well as the limited exposure of the pleasure or retired horse.  Each plan includes a Complete Health Exam which allows us to assess the entire horse, including body condition, soundness, vision, teeth, weight, and even internal organ function through blood work.  In order to encourage routine, annual dental care in all our patients, we are continuing to offer our Dental Discount Program from November 15th through March15th to our full care clients.  A savings of 20% is offered on the performance power float during this timeframe.

Enclosed you will also find an enrollment form to be completed with details for each horse and their chosen Health Care Plan.  There is also an option to have us provide a year’s worth of deworming medications along with a program to follow.  For your convenience, you will note a special payment option being offered through Warrenton Horse Works.  The CareCredit program offers several different payment choices – some of them interest free.  Please visit for more information and to apply on line.  Those of you who prefer automatic credit card charges are requested to complete that form as well.

Lastly, there is a Veterinary Services Agreement we are asking all clients to complete this year.  It is a vital tool for us to be able to continue to provide the high level of care you’re used to – even in your absence or in case of emergency.

It’s our genuine hope that this new Health Care Plan program will meet with your approval and become an integral part of your veterinary care for your equine friends.  Their health and well being is important to us.  We pride ourselves on maintaining an excellent relationship with our clients by providing comprehensive veterinary care and progressive business practices.  We believe in rewarding our loyal clients!  Please ask how you can earn free farm calls through our client referral program!

Should you have any questions or concerns about this program, please don’t hesitate to contact me.  My e-mail address is if that’s an easy method of communication for you.  Otherwise, please leave a message at the office and I’ll return your call personally as soon as possible.


Anna L. Russau, VMD

Owner / Veterinarian


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