Preventative Health Care                                            

* Vaccinations

* Strategic Deworming

* Dental Floating

Nutritional Consultation                                    

 * Quality Supplements

* Weight Gain and Weight Loss Programs

Geriatric Evaluations                                          

* Cushing’s Screenings

Reproductive Services

* Mare and Foal Care

* Ultrasound Evaluations

   * Artificial Inseminations

Lameness Evaluation and Treatment            

Farrier Consultation                      

Pre-purchase Examinations            

Laser Therapy / Laser Acupuncture

Veterinary Orthopedic  Manipulation (V.O.M.) a chiropractic method                      

Digital X-ray Equipment (on farm results available on CD)

Multiple Horse Discounts              

Referral Discount Program                  

Annual Winter Dental Discount Program for all Current Clients              

Email Letters  

 Frequent Facebook updates on Current Health Care Issues

Emergency Care

Fully Equipped Truck

24 Hour / 365 Coverage ( for full service clients )


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