Annual Equine Health Care Planning Guide:

What’s It Going to Cost for a Year’s Worth of Good Veterinary Preventative Health Care?

Let me just say this first…..  I HATE price shopping!  I try to make decisions in my life for purchasing ANYTHING on quality, value and customer service.  But there is a component of evaluation that boils down to dollars, and everyone wants to get the most value and the best care for the money they spend – even ME!  The veterinary things you can compare:  farm call fees, coggins test fees, vaccine costs, emergency fees, and others.  The things you can’t quite put a $ value on:  the relationship with your veterinarian, their 24-7 availability to you, their commitment to constant improvement to provide the best possible care to your horses, their own personal horse experience and level of proficiency… and lots more.

That being said, as the owner of this practice – it’s up to ME to meet your expectations and provide the best care for the best value for YOU.  So please allow me the chance to EARN YOUR BUSINESS by outlining the plans we have to SAVE you MONEY and PROVIDE EXCELLENT CARE FOR YOUR HORSES.

Before we tell you how much it’s all going to cost for a whole year, let me tell you about the programs we have to SAVE you some money where we can.

VIP Client Program:

Scheduling all 3 Annual Preventative Care Appointments for the year before end of February gets you 3 free FECAL EGG COUNT EXAMS (value $60 total). Spring Vaccines:  Feb 15 – Apr 15; Fall Vaccines: Aug 15 – Oct 15; Annual Dental Discount Period: Nov 15 – Feb 15 (weather permitting).  Program gets you 20% dentals during discount period and entrance into drawing for 3 $100 Visa gift cards.

Multi-Horse Discount:

For owners with 5 or more horses at one location, save 10% on ALL YOUR VACCINES. Multiple horses at one location save us driving time and allows us to work more efficiently.

Client Referral Program:

When you (a regular client) refer a new client and they make an appointment, you get your next farm call FOR FREE!  When you refer 5 people who make appointments in one month, you get a $50 Panera Gift Card. For referring 10 people in a year, you get a $100 Gift Certificate to Claire’s in Warrenton. Because I have never believed in general advertising, I rely on satisfied clients to spread the word about my practice.  If you’re happy with my services, please do me the greatest honor, and share your experience with people you know who would also appreciate excellent care and competitive rates.


Spring Vaccines:

So, here’s what a set of Spring vaccines cost the client: Generally we give EWT/WNV, F/R, Rabies/PHF in the Spring.  That combination costs : $121 (or $109 if you have 5 or more horses).  Coggins are $25 for hand written or $45 for digital (additional for the 2 hour ELISA quick coggins). And farm calls are generally $50 in our regular service area, and may be split down to $20/ea between multiple owners. Additionally, Lyme vaccines are available and recommended.  Other vaccines available on a case by case basis.

Fall Vaccines:

Again, EWT/WNV, F/R and PHF as the routine ($103 or $93 with 5+ horses) with additional Lyme (twice a year) and Botulism if feeding round bale hay or in endemic area. Plus farm call.

Annual Dental Floating:

Farm call, plus sedation (est $45-$65) and floating (regularly $125, discounted to $100 during REGULAR CLIENT 20% off Nov 15 – Feb 15).

Please let me know if I can help provide excellent health care for your horse(s)!!  I am located in Catlett and serve all of lower Fauquier Co. (Marshall and below generally), all of Stafford Co., all of Culpeper Co., Western Prince William Co., and most of Spotsylvania Co.

Questions may be addressed to this Warrenton Horse Works FB page,,

my office number: 540-788-4044 or my cell (texts or call) 540-905-5280 or email at

Thank you,

Anna Russau, VMD

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