Jennifer Oliver

Indian Hill Farm

Orange County, Virginia


Horses have been part of my life for 32 years now – on both a personal and professional level for many years.  I have had the privilege of riding with, and learn from, some of the very best.  In wearing the many ‘hats’ that come along with owning, riding, breaking, training and showing horses, I have many veterinarians and many vet practices along the way. Warrenton Horse Works without a doubt is one of my very favorites!  From the very first appointment with Anna I was hooked!  Her practical, no-nonsense approach appealed to my ‘get right to the root of the problem’ personality and I have continued to enjoy working with her on the many challenges that come with owning the horse show and fox hunter athlete.  Anna is sensitive to the financial limits I work with on each horse and is quick to make alternative suggestions to expensive treatments when they are available.  My favorite thing about Anna is that she seems to truly understand my attachment to each one of my horses. She mirrors my enthusiasm when they flourish and my sorrow when they are at the end of their journey.

A true cheerleader for my horses health and well being – I would, and do, highly recommend Warrenton Horse Works to all of my horse friends and clients without reservation.


Jennifer Oliver






Warrenton Horse Works is pleased to announce we will be using the Microchip ID Program for Equines!

Microchip ID Equine

To Microchip your pony or horse, follow these instructions:

And to  get your animal registered…






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