Health Care Plan Options for 2015

Conditions of Enrollment:

  • Open enrollment period is January 1 – April 15th, 2015.
  • Annual renewal is during the open enrollment period each year.
  • Each plan must be paid in full prior to the first appointment scheduled to participate in the plan offerings or by April 15th, whichever comes first. There is NO monthly billing option for Health Care Plan fees.
  • Clients who wish to pay for their veterinary services over time are encouraged to participate in the Care Credit Program ( which allows clients to set up payment plans – some interest free. Visit their website to enroll or enrollment forms are available through Warrenton Horse Works.
  • All client account balances must be paid in full prior to enrollment in any Health Care Plan.
  • Farm call fees are NOT included in the Health Care Plans and are NOT subject to discount. Farm call fees are determined relative to distance traveled and number of clients seen at any one location. Farm call fees and fees for other services provided but not included in a Health Care Plan are due and payable AT THE TIME OF THAT VISIT.
  • Recommended vaccination administration schedule is as follows:

Spring Vaccinations – Feb 15th-Apr 15th.

Fall Vaccinations – Aug 15th – Oct 15th.

  • The Health Care Plans are designed to provide routine annual or semi-annual vaccination. If your horse needs additional vaccine boosters, they will require a separate visit and additional charge for the additional vaccines.
  • It is the client’s responsibility to schedule with Warrenton Horse Works to receive the veterinary services included in the selected Health Care Plan. There will be no refunds for any unused portion of any Health Care Plan. All services in each plan level must be used by December 31st of the calendar year of enrollment.
  • Prorated refunds for unused portions of any Health Care Plan will be made in the limited events of the death or sale of an enrolled horse. Transfers of Health Care Plans are allowed upon the sale of a horse as long as the horse remains within the Warrenton Horse Works practice area.
  • Due to time constraints, Complete Health Exam/Wellness Consults must be scheduled specifically in addition to the vaccine appointments. The exam can be done within the same appointment, but please help us allow the additional time to concentrate on your horse’s exam. Two weeks notice must be given to allow for the additional time for those exams. Clients are encouraged to schedule their Complete Health Exam/Wellness Consults outside the busiest time of Spring Vaccinations (Feb. 15th – May 15th). Unscheduled horses will NOT be seen during appointments for Complete Health Exam/Wellness Consults unless time permits.


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